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Spending Time

Iím sitting in a comfy chair with pen poised in my hand,
to write a piece of poetry that some may understand.
It doesnít matter what it is or how I choose to rhyme,
the purpose of me writing it, is just to pass the time.

For this is how I meditate and how I free my mind,
Iíve tried a dozen different ways but this is what I find,
when words come flowing from my pen without a second thought
I find myself in harmony with all I ever sought.

For many years Iíve juggled with a full and busy mind
and never had the time to do the things my spirit pined.
This poetry is one of them, I donít care what I say,
for writing gives me peace of mind and helps to soothe the day.

So please, if you donít understand the ramblings that I write,
donít scream and shout about my verse and say that it is trite
for I donít really give a damn if you should  share or not,
this oneís for me, to spend some time, for Iíve not had a lot!

Ivor G Davies

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