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Sad Thoughts

The type of day that saps the soul
when energy sinks low,
where gloom and dismal feeling stir
and quench your inner glow.

Your body aches, your head is numb,
you feel that life’s no fun,
you’re plodding on to do your work
and glad when it is done.

You want to sit and ponder
on the things that made you sad,
with memories sent to haunt you
of the times that you found bad.

Now it’s right to take a moment
to re-live your own despair
through the time you’re life was pointless,
when you wished you were not there.

For memories are our healing,
where we navigate our soul,
where we learn to cope with sadness
and continue our life’s role.

For we cherish ‘all’ our memories
and we collect them in our dreams,
for our life goes on regardless
of the heartaches we have seen.

Ivor G Davies

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