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Rosy Lee

Ive always loved my Rosy Lee,
morning, noon and night,
whenever things seemed difficult
shed always put them right.
She is the one I need the most
when waking in my bed
and helps me face another day
by clearing up my head.

Sometimes my wife will go to work
before I rise that day,
leaving me with Rosy Lee
to help me on my way.
The times that Im the first to rise,
then Im the one to see,
that by the bed beside my wife
I leave her Rosy Lee.

We both have got a love affair
with Rosy Lee, I know,
and both must share her every day
because we love her so.
For when our lips are welcomed
by her warming rosy glow,
we know that all is right with life
wherever we may go.

Ivor G Davies

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