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I had a little job once,
it kept us all alive,
although we had some awful bills,
just trying to survive.

Was not a life of luxury,
I didn't earn a lot,
but we survived quite happily
and knew that some could not.

Then one day came the dreaded news,
your jobs no longer there,
I'm sure you know its for the best,
you see, "we really care!".

If we don't sack just half of you
there'll be no jobs for us,
so take this money, go away,
try not to make a fuss.

The package paid off all our bills
and now we're left with nought,
except a mortgage and two kids
plus several things we bought.

I'll get another job, I said,
I try both night and day,
but until then we must survive
on my wife's part-time pay.

And so we battle onwards
now accustomed to our plight,
I'm sure this winter of despair,
must turn to summerís light.

If you're contented in your work
and coping now quite fine,
Be ready if some future day
your job expires; mine.

Ivor G Davies

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