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Our Little Dog

Our little dog is getting old,
a poodle black as night
or so he was when just a lad
but now heís almost white.

He follows Joan around the house,
heís not the one to roam,
if she goes out and leaves him there
he cries Ďtil she gets home.

He is a sprightly little dog
íthough age has made its call,
heís nearly deaf and almost blind,
so now walks into walls.

I hope when Iím as old as he,
in Ďhuman termsí I mean,
Iíll still be bouncing, full of joy,
as our dogís always been.

So take a moral from this pup
however old you get,
if you let old age slow you down,
itís you who needs the vet!

Ivor G Davies

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