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My Wish

I wish that I could never see
the place where no one's soul is free,
where minds are lost to endless pain
from earthly lives that had no gain.

I've touched this place and feel I know
the depths that lurk for us below,
where all is lost in darkest night
with spirits drowned in mindless plight.

My wish though, it can never be,
for this is not my destiny.
With others I descend to hell
to help lost souls to break their spell.

So I will wish for better times
for those poor souls who've lost their minds.
A wish that thoughts from you and me,
again will help the blind to see.

For thought is soul and soul is mind,
so spare a thought for all you find.
The power of good is in your hand,
your prayers are 'wishes' in this land.

Ivor G Davies

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