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Mind and Soul

Iíve searched my soul,
Iíve searched my mind,
and found that both are intertwined.

Iíve chose the path,
Iíve chose the way,
to lead me forward through my day.

Iíve really tried,
Iíve really fought,
to take my actions with great thought.

Iíve still to learn,
Iíve still to change,
for life makes all things rearrange.

Iíve felt the warmth,
Iíve felt the cold,
of peoples hearts, both young and old.

Iíve heard their truths,
Iíve heard their lies,
but know of them, which sooner dies.

Iíve accepted others,
Iíve accepted Ďmeí,
my heart has helped my eye to see.

Iíve been quite young,
Iíve been quite old,
and seen lifeís pathways all unfold.

Iíve found some love,
Iíve found some pain,
but through it all, Iíve found true gain.

So when at last,
my soul soars free,
Iíll know in truth, Ďmy soul is meí.

Ivor G Davies

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