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Money Problems

There’s a pain in my head that will not go away,
it sits there and throbs during most of the day.
With bills on the mat and no cash in the bank
and credit cards creaking… I think my ship’s sank!

The future is looming, my mind’s filled with fear,
why is it that living is so bloody dear?
With a wife and two children depending on me,
I’ll need more than pure luck to set all of us free.

Financial worries can make your life hell,
every ounce of your being consumed by their spell.
We feel there’s a reason we should be ashamed,
so hide them from others to protect all our names.

This pain in my head, that will not go away,
cannot be relieved just by earning more pay.
The cure calls for direction in leading my life,
still enjoying the love of my children and wife.

Living each day with a good share of fun,
whilst paying respect to what needs to be done.
There’s no need to worry myself ‘til I’m sick,
just let the odd creditor wait for a bit.

You won’t go to jail for not paying a bill,
but your family will suffer if you make yourself ill.
So count all your blessings, have fun on the way
and dream you’ll inherit a fortune one day!

Ivor G Davies

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