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Has anyone seen my memory?
I canít think where itís gone.
I know I had it with me,
now where did I come from?

What was it that Iíve lost now?
I think that Iíve forgot.
It couldnít be important,
I lose it quite a lot.

Oh, now I can remember,
I thought that Iíd forgot.
Itís my memory that is lacking,
it wonít retain a lot.

It used to be quite healthy,
when I was in my prime.
I never thought, that it may leave,
in some near distant time.

Now I make notes to help me,
so that I remember all.
Itís just where I put these Ďaid memoirsí,
that I cannot recall.

So if you find my memory,
my problem youíll redress.
Please send it to my residence,
now, Ďwhat was my address?í

Ivor G Davies

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