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I saw a poet walking
when out the other day
and I never even heard a word
that he had got to say.
It showed in every move he made
it shone out from his heart
there's something in a poet's way
that sets them all apart.

When looking at all people
don't be fooled by rags or clothes
or even by the wrinkles
or the way they hold their nose
But try a little trick of mine
and look into their mind,
even with your eyes shut
you're amazed by what you find.

The sense of smell
and sight, and touch
are not your only tools,
there's a simple link
between our minds
that people seldom use.
This link completes your senses
and helps you on your way,
so take a 'look' around with this
when walking out today.

Ivor G Davies

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