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Love Story

With heritage of dragon lore
and hills and valleys shore to shore.
From the land of leeks and daffs
there came a lass born of a Taff.

Roman walls built strong and bold
surround a fortress very old.
From English city of great fame
came a lad with a Welsh name.

This girl named Joan had lived to love
the Celtic ways as all Welsh should.
Now Ivor born of English greed
had lived his life at lightning speed.

But race and culture cannot tame
love’s strong flame in any game.
So when this lass and lad did meet
they swept each other off their feet.

So English mad and Welsh so wild
came together and bore child.
A girl as beautiful as night,
with mother's spirit, father’s fight.

Before their daughter was quite one
our couple then produced a son.
A lively lad who screamed for fun,
his mum and dad rolled into one.

Through history it seemed a must
to save each race from others lust.
But now our pair combined as one,
their cultural change had just begun.

As their two children grew to teen,
two more children our pair wean.
Not by birth they came their way,
but sheltered from their darkest day.

An Arab boy of noble blood
who never knew his mother’s love.
The other dark with curly hair
who carried genes from everywhere.

So now, as family of mixed race
they show the world a better face.
It isn’t colour, race, or creed
that binds together mankind's seed.

So shed your mindless prejudice
for in it you will find no bliss
and seek beneath what you see there,
your ‘eyes’ will just see skin and hair.

The truth's much deeper than you see,
unless your mind you can set free,
for all mankind comes from the 'whole',
so ‘feel’ their presence with your soul.

So Ivor, Joan and their family
show all by living happily,
it matters not from where you came
beneath the skin we’re all the same.

So try and open up your heart,
and let your inner fears depart,
your culture then may join mankind,
now that’s a gift, for you to find.

Ivor G Davies

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