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Closer Now

Daughter thank you from my heart
for caring when I fell apart,
for no man can survive alone
when all is lost he once called home.
In closeness that is born of soul
united by paternal role
and lifted by my childís refrain.
you help dispel depressionís pain

Knowing you are always near
helps me alleviate my fear
and love reflected everyday
in all you do and all you say
ensure that pains within my head
caused by the fragile path I tread
are rescued by your shining light
to guide me from my darkest night.

Within my soul, inside my heart
youíll always share a special part
a fatherís love cannot repay
support you give me in this way,
but should the dark cloud of despair
ever fall on clothes you wear
please know that I will always be
close by you for eternity.

Ivor G Davies

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