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Now Im rising from depression
I can start to see the light,
but the reason Ill recover
is the one who helps me fight.

Shes been there throughout my nightmare,
shes the one who calms my sea
Shes my strength when I am failing
and her love will  set me free.

For she bears my every burden
and shes there both day and night,
making sure whatever happens
Im prepared to stand and fight.

Though Joans only five foot nothing
shes the strongest girl Ive seen,
meeting all that I throw at her,
most would break where she has been.

Shes the one whos strong and able,
always has to carry on,
as a wife and loving mother,
my Joans work is never done.

The real reason I go forward
when my backs against a wall
is the love of a good woman
always there to break my fall.

When you read about my ramblings,
if you wonder where I stand,
It is leaning on my soul mate,
as she holds me in her hand.

Ivor G Davies

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