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Spiritual Happiness

Beer is the root of all evil
and evil’s the root of all fear.
But beer is the only prescription
that helps make my fear disappear.

Whiskey can make me quite frisky
when frisky I dance and I shout.
But when dancing if I have drunk whisky,
eventually my legs will give out.

I love the occasional Brandy,
though randy I then tend to be.
But when I drink lots of my brandy
it droops and is no good to me.

Spirits can be very costly
in much more than money and time.
Though drinking them makes you quite happy
they’ll prevent you from walking the line.

I like a mature perfect vintage,
in wine and in women and song.
I think it is this inclination
that helps us to all get along.

But the love of my life’s in a tea cup
and also of course is my wife.
For together they keep me in heaven
forever and ever in life.

Ivor G Davies

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