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The Great Divide

Our ancestors crossed all the seas,
way long before our time
and conquered lands so strange to us
across that salty brine.
But since they sailed across the pond
they’ve changed you must agree,
no man from here… the ‘Motherland’,
would waste our precious tea!

Our language carried on the wind
got blown around a bit
and though it’s now quite similar
it doesn’t always fit.
So now a ‘Great Divide’ appears
on both sides of the brine,
though all of us in our own way
are doing really fine.

I think that some must see us here
as ‘Lords and Ladies’ bold
or peasants wearing our flat caps
just doing as we’re told.
There’s them that feel an Englishman
must keep ‘stiff upper lip’
and never utter words that try
to make a funny quip.

So if you wonder at my words
or cannot make them rhyme
or take them in a ‘different’ way
that changes every line,
remember I’m an Englishmen
and humour has to be
or why on earth would I forgive
the drowning of our tea!

The simple subtle difference
in words across the pool
can change the meaning of those words
and make me look a fool.
So please accept the humor here
is really from my heart,
the ‘words’ you see are just for fun,
it’s feelings I impart.

But tell me if I’m misconstrued,
I’ll hang my head in shame
if ever through my language
I turn poetry to pain.
Would I give up and go away
and feel I’ve said enough,
oh no my friends, I’ve weathered well,
I’m made of stronger stuff.

So please excuse my ramblings,
it’s what I feel inside
but if you do not get my jokes,
just blame ‘The Great Divide’.

Ivor G Davies

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