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Swimming in Shite

I took on a task that I knew I could win
and threw myself headlong in terrible sin,
to manage a firm that abused all it’s staff,
robbing them daily and kicking their ass.

So why should I enter a bucket of shite
as my moral standards could see it weren’t right?
Well four hundred people were drowning in there
and living a lifetime of total despair.

I still swim in rubbish and shit floats all round
but somehow I’ve managed to set higher ground.
There’s people who tell me they now enjoy work,
though still overshadowed by cretins that lurk.

Roughly two thirds of the workforce today
(the ones I support I would hasten to say)
are happier now than they’ve been there for years
while working for bosses who brought them to tears.

Though my masters don’t like it (they’d have it their way),
they leave me alone for I bring them more pay.
They don’t give a damn if the workers all cry,
but as money’s their master, on me they rely.

A happier workforce I see in my dreams,
they make far more profit, I know what that means,
but my purpose in life is not what makes my pay
but to let folk have fun and enjoy every day!

Ivor G Davies

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