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Ashes in the Wind

Some folk lie peaceful in their graves,
that’s not the place for me
for ‘though I’m dead, or so they say!
my spirit still flies free.

I had a tough life, here on earth,
that some would find a strain
with bits of me that did not work
and sometimes lots of pain.

Although in hospital I went
a few score times or more,
they could not fix what I ain’t got,
just help when things were poor.

I loved my short stay here all right,
my friends, my family too,
I showed them all, the way for me,
enjoyed my whole life through.

It really was a blessing,
to awake to each new day,
our lives are meant for living,
not to pass the time away.

With swimming, dancing, dating,
and ‘drinking’ that’s for sure,
they’ve even had to lift me back
to my wheelchair off the floor!

I was not a ‘normal’ person,
there is no such thing you see
everyone has special needs,
whoever you may be.

While growing to my early youth
with rampant teenage needs,
I think I gave my parents hell,
at times, or so it seems.

They loved me very dearly
and helped me grow and thrive,
so when I left for college
they knew I would ‘survive’.

I grew into a woman there
and prepared to go back home
but fate it dealt a bitter blow,
I only wish I’d known.

When ‘choosing’ help, to put things right
the surgery went wrong,
I will not bore you with the facts,
would take me far too long.

Then after weeks of holding on
by life’s ‘slender silky thread’,
doctors told the ones I love,
I’m afraid your daughters dead.

“That’s not true!” I screamed at them,
as they stood, ‘oh so near’,
but nothing I could say or do,
could make the ‘living’ hear.

Their souls were torn and ripped apart
they turned and left my room,
parting brought a sadness
that filled all their lives with gloom.

They knew I’d gained my freedom
but would not accept a grave,
so they took me to the ‘burning place’
and in a pot I stayed!

‘Till we climbed the highest mountain,
yes, my brothers, them and me!
then scattered ash across the world
and set my spirit free.

So when you feel a gentle breeze,
or gales that rush around,
I’m with you there, in everything,
not lying in the ground.

Ivor G Davies

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