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Where do we go, when we go to sleep,
some say, to a ‘mind made’ land,
but I feel that we’re drawn,from our bodies at night
to a place that our souls understand.

Maybe we need, a refreshment of kind,
relief from our bodily stand
and only in trance can tranquillity find,
as we glide through our ‘slumbering’ land.

Sometimes we remember what dreams we have seen
or so we believe when we wake,
but nobody knows where our minds travel to
or the pathways our journey did take.

But I feel that my sleep renews body and soul,
so I’m certain, as certain can be,
I must have been somewhere with glorious power
to replenish the ‘life force’ in me

So maybe, while sleeping, we all return home
to the place where all people are free
and bathe in the pool of the essence of life,
yes, drift in it’s wonderful sea.

No wonder our thoughts are all lost by the morn’
with eons of memories entwined,
we’re drunk on the pleasures of millions of souls,
on everyone’s lives,we have dined.

Now I think that our ‘living’ has part in this feast,
we’re all here to gather the vine
and when we return to our essence at last
our lives should have sweetened the wine.

Ivor G Davies

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