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Mother’s Moody Blues

When she’s tired, she’s moody,
can be dangerous as well.
Gives looks enough to kill us,
yes, she really gives us hell.

She shouts and says she works hard,
cleans house and has to cook.
Says none of us would give a damn
if we lived our lives in muck.

She also goes to work now,
needs to subsidise our way.
Since I got made redundant
and now get lower pay.

She trundles through the kitchen
and stamps her way up stairs.
She shouts and moans and groans a lot,
says no one really cares.

We sit here saying nothing
it’s safer much that way.
’Cause if we dare to say a word
she’d really make us pay.

She’ll get up in the morning
to start another day,
but then because she’s rested
she’ll be happy, nice and gay.

She really is a lovely mum,
a wife and grandma too
and if we ever lost her
we would not know what to do.

Its only when she’s tired
that we're careful what we say
and even then we love her lots,
but... stay out of her way!

Ivor G Davies

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