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Ivor is a bastard,
he’s been through thick and thin
but everywhere that Ivor’s been
disaster followed him.

He got a job in management
to run a bunch of lads,
a groaning mass of humankind
with problems unsurpassed.

They felt their world was crumbling down,
their life was torn apart
(He wondered why they worked for him,
the snivelling little farts).

He washed them and he dressed them
and pampered every need,
they replied by moaning more
so Ivor then got peeved.

He said “I’m bloody fed up
with the way that you lot play.
The only time your ever pleased
is on your holiday”.

Then he brought in measures
to change the way it’d been
and sacked the whining so and so’s
and had a good spring clean.

Now there’s people working for him
who are happy through the day
they work hard and laugh a lot,
…Ivor likes it best that way!

Ivor G Davies

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