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There is Somewhere Out There

There is somewhere out there, in ethereal space,
not of this Earth, or any known place.
I fear that humanity won’t understand,
we are not on our own, in a singular land.

Galaxies and planets are things of the mind,
we set the boundaries made for mankind.
There are more kinds of beings than ever we see
and they are all living for eternity.

Beyond all the barriers of our physical lobbies,
some creatures ‘may not’ incarnate into bodies.
I’ve travelled with them both in goodwill and fear,
have not any doubt they are really quite near.

But where is this ‘near’, it exists in ‘our’ space,
you travel by spirit to enter this place.
It will not be found by using six senses,
but flying away from our world’s pretences.

Demons and Devils, and Angels and Gods,
all reside in this place where you’ve never trod.
I know for I’ve been there, I’ve walked on this track,
go look, but make certain, you mark the way back.

Ivor G Davies

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