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Passport to the Mind

There’s things to see in foreign lands
just waiting for us all,
the Tahj Mahal and Pyramids,
some Canyons, Dams and Falls.

Around the world, from shore to shore
between our ice capped poles,
the things you’ll find are wondrous
and lovely to behold.

The Arctic wastes and Desert sands,
Great forests lush and green,
Villages built high on stilts,
Italian towers that lean.

But have you ever travelled
in the highways of your mind?
A territory so unexplored,
amazing what you’ll find.

Anger, Hatred, Jealousy,
Cruelty, Fear and Greeds
are lurking there within it’s walls
with other fairer seeds.

Kindness, Passion, Sympathy,
Humour, Joy and Love
share this land with all these things,
but which will rise above?

The traveler within us cries
to sample all we tread,
but normally we ‘choose’ the place
we finally make our bed.

So hold your passport in your heart
and stamp your visas clear,
so you, as well as those you touch,
know just which path ‘you’ steer.

Ivor G Davies

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