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Black Dog

My uncle said he’d seen a dog
come down his path one day,
but not aware who’s dog this was
he shouted, “Go Away!”

The dog looked up at him, then left,
it ‘faded’ out of sight,
he then knew who his guest had been,
this dog was black as night.

This was the dog that visits us
at times when death is near,
to help guide those who leave this life,
the ones that we hold dear.

While walking down her garden path
my auntie died next day,
the warning that my uncle had
he’d tried to turn away.

An operation had gone wrong
our daughter was in pain,
nothing that the doctors knew
could make her well again.

Then when we visited one night
we shuddered when she said,
abig black dog was also there
and playing ‘round her bed.

But she seemed a little stronger,
though we knew whom she had seen,
we thought he’d told of someone else
and wondered why he’d been.

Alas it wasn’t meant that way,
that week our daughter died.
I know within my heart of hearts,
our dog had been her guide.

For many years he’d not been seen
though others close have died,
maybe he only comes to those
who need him by their side.

Ivor G Davies

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