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Making Sense

For many years Iíve studied hard
to learn the ways of life.
Iíve analysed the things I found
in pleasure and in strife.

I searched for sense in all I did,
I looked in every place.
I never found a little bit,
so I gave up the chase.

If I canít find no sense, I thought
itís pointless just to look.
Iíd have to try make some sense
of things I undertook.

So making sense is what I do
with things I meet each day.
And really making sense of it
makes searching go away.

So senseless things I understand,
as silly as they seem.
For making sense of all of them
helps seeing what they mean.

The moral of this story
is as senseless as can be.
Donít look for sense in what I say,
try making it, like me!

Ivor G Davies

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