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Journey into Hell

The horrors of this evil place
are far too bad to tell
a land where manic thoughts prevail,
where being is pure hell.

I have to make the journey,
though it terrifies my mind.
To help poor souls who have got lost
their one true way to find.

When drowning in a cesspit
they need strength to pull them out.
Their soul’s were lost ‘before they left’,
minds filled with fear and doubt.

To rescue folk who have got lost
is not an easy task
my struggle is within their soul,
believing’s all I ask.

But if they finally follow
to their friends, who walk with me,
the joy, I know, that they’ll behold
will set their spirit free.

No, …I do not like the journey
it leaves scars upon my soul,
but my destiny’s their bidding
as I help to make them whole.

I am strong and I am able,
alas, all are not so sure
and to help another person
is what all our lives are for.

Please be careful where you wander,
there’s a place you should not go
and I’d hate to have to get you
from the realms of Hell below.

Ivor G Davies

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