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A Bird in the Hand

Adam and Eve had fell out with God
by scrumping from his tree,
he’d chased them out in punishment,
so now they both were free.

They said farewell to all their friends,
they waved the snake goodbye,
then newly clothed they wandered off,
a different life to try.

They came upon a shaded wood,
a place they could call home,
with running brooks, and fruit and nuts
where they could freely roam.

They lay for hours on mossy banks
with Adam pleasing Eve,
so naturally it came to pass
that Eve would soon conceive.

But Adam was a normal man,
his woman getting fat!
He looked around for other joys,
he didn’t fancy that.

But nowhere in his randy search
could Adam pull a bird,
they all had wings and flew away,
to chase them was absurd.

So Adam stopped his straying
and returned back home to find
that Eve was cuddling closely to
another of his kind!

Oh, blow me then, thought Adam,
a threesome it must be,
I only hope with her new love
she finds some time for me.

But Adam was a father,
although he didn’t know
and he became a different man
he loved his baby so.

Together as a family,
the first there was on earth,
our couple bound together
by the miracle of birth.

So take a lesson from this man
before you start to stray,
it doesn’t matter how she looks,
just that she’s there to stay.

A child, a man, a parent,
this is the way of life,
you’ll be forever happy
if you’re faithful to your wife.

Ivor G Davies

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