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Snakes Legs

When snakes had legs and love was free
a man called Adam climbed a tree,
although he knew the act was banned,
he plucked an apple with his hand.

In Eden you could always find
delicious fruits of every kind
and everyone of them were free
except the apples on this tree.

A snake you see, the curse of man,
had swayed the mind of his woman,
his partner Eve had tried it all
except this luscious juicy ball.

But God had made it very clear
he was the one you had to fear.
There is one thing you should not do,
”This tree is mine, and not for you!”

When battle rages in man’s mind
to do what’s right for all mankind,
a ‘woman’s will’, will then prevail,
no matter if it makes him fail.

So Adam plundered to his fate,
his woman said she could not wait.
He plucked the fruit to his demise,
no matter that it was unwise.

Now God’s authority was broke,
they’d disobeyed the words he spoke.
He told them both to go away
and closed his garden from that day.

So Eve and Adam, duly clothed,
now left that place they’d been betrothed
and found a world so large and free
where they could climb just any tree.

The snake of course had lost it’s legs
because he put God’s power to test
by tempting woman in this way,
he’d had an awful price to pay.

But God could only sit and curse,
his power was gone, and even worse,
a ‘woman’ had defeated him
by making man commit this sin.

So women now will rule the land,
not God nor men you understand?
For women conquer all they see,
while God enjoys ‘snakes legs’ for tea!

Ivor G Davies

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