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Universal Law
’like attracts like’

All around in ethereal space
blend thoughts of mutual souls.
Combined to form the unities
that merge to make the ‘whole’.

But many mansions has this land
with levels far and near.
Unwritten laws of ‘like on like’
keep all in order here.

Amoeboid like, these mansions flow
with new life born within.
Engulfing others in their fold,
all those who will ‘fit in’.

Through different levels all souls pass,
the one that we live here
is the spirit’s learning ground,
where souls feel joy and fear.

When life has run, your soul returns,
it’s drawn back to a place
where you will share the wisdom gained
while running in life’s race.

So if in life you’ve truly learned
the meaning meant for all,
in peace you will return fulfilled,
if not, you’ll sure to fall.

Some mansions will bring perfect peace,
while others are real hell.
Depends on what you made of life,
in which one you will dwell.

For ‘like on like’, remains the law
when searching for the ‘whole’.
For where you find yourself in life
is where you’ll find your soul.

Ivor G Davies

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