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Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls come out to play,
we know it’s always been that way.
A woman’s role is in the house?
while men provide for kids and spouse?

But sometimes this can be quite wrong
and then some sing a different song.
One that screams ‘equality’,
but that’s not what it seems to me.

For ‘Women’s Lib’ say they’re supreme,
the mistress sex they’ve always been.
The master sex won’t get their way
for female power is here to stay.

But I have never yet heard a man
claim to do everything women can.
There’s things that men just could not do,
how ever much that they wanted to.

Women have always ruled the world
before their freedom’s flag unfurled.
So what was all the fuss about,
they had mans vote there is no doubt.

Now soon I think that men may rise,
for ‘Women’s Lib’ was their demise.
They’ll have to stand and shout their case
if they’re to stay in the human race.

Girls and Boys come out to play,
we know it’s always been that way.
Although there’s some who’d build a wall,
our differences join to please us all!

Ivor G Davies

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