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Natural Instinct

Take a nasty ‘instinct’ and pluck it from your mind,
examine it in details and learn by what you find.
Try to squash that ‘instinct’ when it rises up in you
for recognising inborn faults is what we need to do.

Never mind the nagging from your ‘instincts’ deep within,
if you know the feeling’s evil then it cannot make you sin.
For are we not the master of all that’s in our mind,
it’s up to us to make the choice, not ‘instincts’ of this kind.

If you master all your ‘instincts’ and squash them till they’re dead,
You and not inheritance will tell you where to tread.
We cannot be born perfect, we’re the products of our kind,
but even ‘evil instincts’ can be vanquished from our mind.

Admiration to the sinners, who were born straight out of hell,
but use their lifetime learning how to break ‘bad instinct’s’ spell.
As the reason for existence is quite clear with little doubt,
it’s to change your ‘natural instincts’ and to turn your life about.

When you leave your earthly body and go seeking for your kind,
if you’re happy with your ‘instincts’ true fulfillment you will find.
For all souls look for kinship, not of body, but of mind,
and you’re welcomed into heaven by the ‘instincts’ of your kind.

Ivor G Davies

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