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More than the Cat!

When working in a garage late
I heard a funny sound.
The workshop lift had just begun
to rise up from the ground.

Now it was late and only me
should still be working here.
To hear the lift ascending up
was very, very queer.

I put my tools upon the ground
and ran to find out who,
was in the garage late at night
and what they meant to do.

I was the only on site mech’,
I had the master key,
I knew I’d locked the garage doors
so wondered what I’d see.

I reached the entrance to the lift
and looked through it’s cage door.
It still was going upwards,
up to the second floor.

I raced up both the flights of stairs
to meet it at the top,
but when it reached the place I was,
it didn’t even stop.

It went back down immediately,
though I had clearly seen
that nobody was in the lift,
now how could that of been?

I raced back down and waited
for it to end it’s ride.
It stopped, quite empty on the floor,
now I was mystified!

This lift was meant for carrying cars,
controls contained within.
The padlock still hung from it gate,
to stop folks breaking in.

Electric problem, I then thought,
so checked the safety switch.
The master box was turned to ‘off’,
was this car lift bewitched?

Mechanics always find the fault,
I tried the lift controls,
in case the switch was faulty
and had shorted out it poles.

But nothing that I did that night
or even to this day,
explains just how a powerless lift,
could travel in this way.

The lift responded normally
when power was turned back on,
a shiver ran right down my spine,
just thinking what it’d done.

This garage was the placed we lived,
we had a ‘breakdown’ flat,
but now I knew we shared it with
more than the garage cat!

Ivor G Davies

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