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Body and Soul

As I was walking down a road,
Engrossed in thought that day
I never even heard the car
That took my life away.

It ran my body over,
while I just stood and stared,
to die today I hadn’t planned
and I was not prepared.

I looked about, for I had heard,
a tunnel should appear
for me to walk into the light,
and free from all my fear.

But I wasn’t any different,
I did not grow my wings,
horns didn’t spring out from my head,
I checked for all these things.

So what was I supposed to do,
I couldn’t just stand there?
So I went to see my body,
was it broke beyond repair?

It was then I saw the silver cord,
a shiny slender thread,
it joined my solar plexus
to the ‘me’ that lay there dead.

Then I thought I saw ‘me’ moving.
in that instant things went black
and I found myself now lying
at the roadside on my back.

It’s been some time, and now I’m well,
a memory of the past,
but I’ll not forget the moment
that I thought had been my last.

Though torn out from my body
I remained myself, and whole.
In that moment I discovered
my life-force was in my soul.

My death taught me a lesson
as only ‘dying’ does,
but I wonder where I’d be today,
had that car been a bus!

Ivor G Davies

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