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I have a little grandma
she used to be a witch,
she’d fly high on her broomstick
and make it roll and pitch.
She’d turn bad people into frogs
and take away their gold
but says she doesn’t fly no more…..
I think it’s ‘cause she’s old!

She’s a lovely little granny
and she likes it when we stay,
she gives us sweets and tasty things
and plays with us all day.
But sometimes she is very stern,
when we’re not being good,
I don’t think that she’d use a spell……
although I know she could!

She says that she has give it up,
she ain’t a witch no more,
but looking at the sky last night,
well now I’m not too sure.
For flying high above my house
and lit up by the moon,
I sure it was my grandma……
with her poodle on her broom!

Ivor G Davies

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