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Better Like it Hot

The devil went out walking
to find more souls to win.
He didnít seek the evil ones
for they belonged to him.

He looked around to find himself
a soul as white as snow.
To change the course that it had set,
then show it where to go.

He had some natural helpers
and scattered them about.
A little envy and some greed,
suspicion, fear and doubt.

A lot of hatred mingled with,
religion, thatís for sure,
the very things when caught by man
would bring him to his door.

He never failed his mission
when looking for new blood.
His bait was always taken
by the ones who had been good.

For it only takes a moment
to fall in the devilís spell
and swap your place in Heaven,
for the burning flames of Hell

So remember when youíre tempted
by the things you have not got,
if you hurt someone to gain them,
then youíd better like it hot!

Ivor G Davies

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