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Now Iím Dead

Now Iím dead Iíd like to say,
some words to all who passed my way.

Iíd like to thank you for the part,
you played in texturing my heart.
Yes, now Iíve gone, but not so far,
Iíd like to tell you how things are.
To you who sought nothing but gain
you wasted life and gained true shame.
To those whoís friendship was so true,
well,Ö Iíll live on as part of you!

Life carries on when you are dead
and youíll account for things you said.
You cannot lie within your mind,
so inner secrets all will find.
Alas, with hatred in your head
youíre going to be a long time dead.
But worry not for you will find
youíll hang around with your own kind!

You learn your lessons on Earthís floor,
not when you pass through Heavenís door.
So think about the things youíve done
and what these meant to everyone.
Have you helped folks upon their way
or helped yourself and made them pay.
If so, I fear youíll have no friends
to help you now to make amends!

Yes, now Iíve died Iíd like to say,
these words to those who helped my way.
Thank you all for being kind
your presence stays within my mind.
But those who tried to make me pay,
know every dog has their own day.
As you come knocking on the door
youíll go back where you were before!

Returning to the fires of hell
where souls are just an empty shell.
In pure damnation you must burn,
for thereís a lesson you must learn.
That evil always finds itís source,
and this time that was you of course.
So if again youíre granted birth,
behave much better when on earth!

Yes now Iím dead, Iíd like to say,
life isnít just a little play.
Itís serious, with fun and pain,
but live it right and you will gain,
True happiness beyond compare,
with fun that everyone can share.
But live it wrong and youíll soon know,
what waits for fools like you below!

Ivor G Davies

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