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Sweet Dreams

In darkest night when evil creeps,
when shadows hide where hatred peeps.
I rise to earth from Hades hole
to quench Hellís thirst on virgin soul.

The sweet smell rises to my nose
of godliness from head to toes,
of those I seek to fill my lust,
to take away their heavenly trust.

For when this night has turned to day
foul nightmares show Iíve been their way.
For in their sleep Iíll rape their mind
and leave my marks for them to find.

I take their bodies and their soul,
fill every crevice, take control.
My masterís wishes guide my way,
my victimís terror is my pay.

Content to see Iíve laid the seed,
installing hate in every deed.
These sickly mortals know Iíve been,
from God to Devil in one dream.

I wander far and roam the land,
thereís none off limits to my hand.
In mosque and church Iíve spread my word,
your silly symbols so absurd.

So please relax at dead of night,
tucked up in bed so warm and tight.
Imagine you are safe and sound,
while I have fun and call around!

Ivor G Davies

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