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Body and Mind

The fullness of your body
will always fill my mind.
To touch your skin with my damp tongue,
our bodies intertwined.
The feeling of your beating heart,
your warm breasts pressed on me.
This is the place where passions race
and we were born to be.

Our minds are meant to mingle
and our souls were meant to lust.
Forever lifelong partners
sharing both love and trust.
No wonder that in loving
there's no place we cannot go,
for the seeds that we've both planted,
are the fruits that we now grow.

So now we plough the harvest
with a gentle rhythm sway
or with raging, sweeping motion,
that can last from night to day.
For the passport to excitement
is in sharing what you find
and the best is when you're coupled
both in body and in mind!

Ivor G Davies

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