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Not Scared to be Wrong

Things usually turn out right
if you’re not scared to be wrong.
Forget the facts of life
or the tried and trusted song.

The way that others take
or the way that’s ‘meant’ for me
is really only show,
to prove what I ‘should’ be.

My heart is in my mind,
there’s naught that I can’t do,
if only I’ve the will
to stay and see it through.

Life’s full of bad mistakes
and most of them are mine,
but doing what ‘I’ do
things normally turn out fine.

So be true to your soul,
don’t go the way you ’must’,
just follow where ‘you’ feel
the path is true and just.

Yes… folk ‘will’ bar your way
and prove that you are wrong,
but learn to dodge and sway
for ‘gentleness’ is strong.

The ‘measure of a man’
is not in Pounds and Pence,
nor even in the height
he’s reached upon the fence.

The ‘measure of a man’
is not his weight in gold,
but in the fruits he bore
and the messages he sold.

Be scared to make mistakes
and fear what others see,
and soon you’ll realize
it’s a long way down the tree.

But set your roots in ground
buried deep within your heart
and from ‘your path’ in life
you never will depart.

For following your path
you write your own true song
accept you’ll miss some notes
and may just get it wrong.

So cherish your mistakes
and learn along the way.
It’s you that makes the man
not ‘just what others say’.

Things usually turn out right,
if you’re not scared to be wrong,
but even if they don’t…
it’s you who wrote the song!

Ivor G Davies

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