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Coulda Gotta Lotta Fun

I've lived a lotta lotta years
though I'm still very young.
I seen a lotta lotta life
climbed and slipped the rung.
A lotta lotta little things
have helped me on my way
I also had a lotta lotta
lotta things to say.

Sometimes I feel I gotta lotta
things from loving life.
I know I gotta lotta love
from my kids and my wife.
I gotta lotta things as well
from folk who passed me by.
But mainly gotta lotta fun
by trying not to cry.

So if you've gotta lotta things
that coulda make you sad.
You coulda gotta lotta fun
by trying to be glad.
For if you coulda gotta lotta
happiness as well.
You coulda gotta lotta fun
By learning how to spell!

Ivor G Davies

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