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Modern Women

A womanís work is never done,
although they do it all for fun,
while men just idle through the day
convinced that they, all earn their pay.

When work is done and men go home,
itís time for them to sit and moan,
about the pressures of their day,
and how things didnít go their way.

Working women coming home
must work their fingers to the bone.
To feed their man and family too,
for this is what theyíre meant to do.

Itís called equality, this means,
in work women fulfill their dreams.
On equal standing with their mate
who waits at home if she is late.

Modern man will not complain,
if meals are cooked quite late again.
He knows from deep within his heart
his partner tries to play her part.

He is a kind forgiving chap
allowing for the slight mishap.
For men have found it in their soul,
to accept the change, in womanís role.

Ivor G Davies

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