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Your English Our English

'You are' and 'We are' are not both the same,
In English we all play this dangerous game.
If I say you're lucky, if you have some fun,
do I mean just 'you', or indeed everyone?
If I say we're lucky, if we have some fun,
Is it 'me and companions', or again everyone?

This problem gets worse when we travel the globe,
and into the meaning of words we then probe.
In England if I filled my car up with gas,
my friends would all tell me to close up my ass.
While Stateside no gas and my car wouldn't run,
and you'd really be ill if it came out your bum.
*(and we'd really be ill if it came out our bum)*

But even my bum, I believe would be wrong,
But in England a fanny is hid by a thong!
So if I say 'you', then I might just mean 'us',
or even Mankind, so please don't make a fuss.
For I'm only an Englishman speaking my way,
not picking on you with the words that I say.

Ivor G Davies

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