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Budget Flight

The plane looked old and fairly worn,
the sky was grey, about to storm.
They hurried us along the aisles,
in tiny seats we’d sit for miles.

With creak and groan we taxied out,
at runway’s end we turned about.
With roar of jet and screech of wheels
we found out how a take-off feels.

Climbing high into the air,
forced back by pressure, hard to bear.
Our eardrums trying to explode,
The plane a-shudder with the load.

But alas the plane was old,
a ‘Bargain Flight’ we’d all been told.
But nothing said about the thrill
that turned us green and made us ill.

With sudden surge we lurched back down,
the plane now aiming at the ground.
Not the way t’was meant to be,
diving sharply for the sea.

But Captain Bob was on the ball
and wasn’t going to let us fall.
He pulled back sharply on his stick
as we swooped up I felt quite sick.

Just then I spied the strangest thing,
a massive piece dropped off the wing
and at that point we turned about,
….about this airline, I had doubt.

A ‘Budget Flight’ it might have been,
but had I known what this would mean
I may have paid a little more
to keep from falling to the floor.

But Captain Bob was on the mark,
‘he’ treated problems as a lark,
for up and down, and turning round,
at least we hadn’t hit the ground.

He straightened up and things went calm,
announced, “There’s no need for alarm”
”Although a bit’s broke off the wing,
I’m sure that I can fly this thing.”

“I’ve flown for years… err, make that weeks,
ignore the grinding and the creaks,
this plane is safe and sound, I know,
the auctioneer assured me so!”

With that we heard the engines stall,
in swift decline our plane did fall.
We prayed while diving in free flight
that Captain Bob could put this right.

“Your life-vest’s underneath your seat,
please put it on to save wet feet.”
Our captain was a caring man
like all good ‘Budget Captains’ am

But shudder, shake and roar of jet,
maybe our feet would not get wet.
Again we rose up in the sky,
above the clouds and really high.

For near a minute we were free
of bumps, and noise, and malady.
We hoped our problems were all done,
but ‘Sods Law’ said ‘there’s worse to come’.

I really don’t remember how
all in the sea, alive somehow,
I’m glad I put that life-vest on
before both wings had finally gone!

Now froze and tossed by stormy sea,
an orange lifeboat rescued me.
I must admit, t’was quite a ride,
and I was glad to be alive

But Captain Bob I’m sad to say
did not survive that woe filled day.
They tore his license up in shame
and never more would speak his name.

The plane he bought was meant for scrap,
he said they never told him that.
He claimed, although it looked quite old,
there was no way that he’d been told!

The passengers, to save a fuss
were taken from the boat by bus
and just in case they might complain
were told they’d fetch another plane.

But most of them decided, no,
by land, and sea, not air they’d go,
and keep their feet upon the ground,
not up, and down, and round, and round.

Budget-Flights, so I’ve been told
are the cheapest that are sold.
They carry millions on their way
departing daily every day

But please be careful when you book,
and chance a crafty little look,
to see the plane don’t look too old
unless a ‘lifetime’ flight was sold!

Ivor G Davies

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