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Rambling Words

I'm tired of being sensible
when writing words in rhyme,
sometimes I like to rabbit on
with garbage every line.
The meaning that folk get from this
is always new to me,
for there's no purpose in my drift
that I can ever see.

So feel quite free to judge me
with critique of all sorts.
Throw me flowers and roses
or point out all my warts.
It doesn't really matter
how you all respond to me,
for this is not the reason
that I'm rambling you see.

I ramble like a blubbering fool
to free words I've not said.
The words that if not written down
would stay within my head.
I throw them out to scatter
so you may collect them all
and see if you make any sense,
the way you see them fall.

So feel quite free to criticise
and educate this fool.
Maybe it's those who pick them up
whoíll find the golden rule
that tells me how to mix them
in a really crafty way
that makes them not just rubbish,
but something thatís grand to say.

But till I find the formula
for clearing out my mind,
Iíll write just utter garbage
of the mixed up, mangled kind.
I know it not a masterpiece
or even worth a read,
but hope my words can grow on all
who cultivate my seed!

Ivor G Davies

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