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Pulau Pinang

I lived in a land where the coconuts grew
where the sun always shone
under sky that was blue
where the fans on the ceilings
and conditioned air
were the only cool breeze
you could find anywhere.

I basked in the heat, and baked in the sun
where living and loving
were always good fun
where I woke up happy
to meet every day
knowing that working
was simply more play.

An island afloat in the tropical seas
with sun, sea and sand
meant only to please
the locals so friendly
the food so divine
with flavour so scrumptious
it didn’t need wine.

From it’s beaches to hilltop, from jungle to street
from market to temple
in trishaw, on feet
shone beauty and wisdom
in all you could see
where even the lowliest soul
could soar free.

I lived on an island, the island caught me
by my heart, where it stays
and I still long to be
a ‘Pearl in the Orient’
second to none
where dreams were alive
under tropical sun.

Now many years on and I’ve never been back
though an ache in my heart
still marks out the track
that I took in my youth
under tropical sun
when ‘Pulau Pinang’
was the place I learned fun.

Ivor G Davies

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