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Godís creations kill,
Godís creations make a world thatís ill.
Godís creations go to war,
I wonder what he made them for.

If my creations were the kind
that brought despair to all mankind
then I would surly be to blame,
would people hate or love my name?

Some say the gift of our free will
is why we have the urge to kill.
But surly God created mind
and set the mould for all mankind.

Animals were born to feed
on living things to fill their need.
Itís not just man whom God has made
to see otherís deaths their living trade.

Maybe itís just, Iíve got it wrong,
I should join others in their song
in praising God for all thatís good,
while his Creation screams for blood.

Religions of the world unite
and ask yourself if it is right
that we should serve till death from birth
the creator of true hell on earth.

But maybe God is you and me
and not a single entity.
A living power of minds combined,
if soÖ.  Iíve faith in all Mankind.

Ivor G Davies

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