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Judgment Day

The Devil rose from Hades with a roll call in his hand,
the names he’d burned into his list, the worse throughout the land.
They’d lied and stole and cheated, and had cared not who they harmed
and now at last was Judgement Day, when evils souls were farmed.

For final retribution, an eternity in Hell,
the cost they now all had to pay, for a life in evil’s spell.
For evil breeds it’s family, with greed and hate and pain,
preparing all it’s followers for hell’s eternal flame.

The Devils face aglow with joy, for mankind now was ripe,
for very easy pickings for most were now his type.
At last the list carried by God was so lacking in names,
that now the Devil knew, at last, he’d won eternal flames.

When battles range in Heaven and Hell the winner gains control,
strengthened by the rightful claim on each related soul.
So whether good or evil, be prepared when you depart,
to spend eternal company with what’s really in your heart.

Ivor G Davies

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