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Base Line

Doing my head in
Oh what a sin
This is not music
Just noise and din
Banging and screeching
Synthetic sound
Pounding my senses
Into the ground
Turn down the volume
Switch off the base
Slacken the tempo
Slow down the pace

Why do you feel
That everyoneís deaf
And can only hear noises
From the lower clef
Maybe youíre missing
A part of your ear
That lets you hear music
Like other folk hear
Or maybe youíre missing
A part of your mind
Thatís needed to listen to
Sounds of all kind

Your motive I question
For music so loud
Is it to make you
Stand out in the crowd
To see that youíre noticed
Above all the rest
No matter that people
Just think youíre a pest
Iím sure someone loves you
Without all this din
Just turn down the music
So they can get in!

Ivor G Davies

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