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Dear God,

I worship your name
for helping me bear all the pain.
As the Master of all
it is on you that I call
when I feel that my life is in vain.

Although sometimes, I fall into sin,
it is you who then guides me within
and helps me recall
that thereís goodness in all
if you donít let the evil slip in.

As my childís loss made me want to cry,
in the pain as I lost my right eye,
when cancer found me
as they cut it free
it was your love that helped me get by.

And then when I near lost my sight
as a cataract gave cause for fright
with you ever near
I faced all my fear
as you helped the doctor put it right.

Thank Heaven for all of your care
that has helped me, my life to repair.
For whenever Iím sick
or Iím beat with a stick
it is then that I find you are there.

I worship you, Master of All
and will follow wherever you call
as you guide Mankind
from the evil we find
and on us all your blessing befall.

I know I should follow your way
and ask for the strength when I pray
to live good and true
and be more like you
from your pathway I never must stray.

Ivor G Davies

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