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Dear God,

I wish to complain,
for the pain I have had in your name,
as the Master of all
it is really your call
to ensure that our life’s not in vain.

We believe you say “don’t live in sin”
but your actions leave you on a limb,
as example to all
all the things I recall
that you did made pure evil slip in.

Tell why you let my daughter die
tell why you removed my right eye
and to add further pain
just what was your game
when a cataract you then did try.

Oh I nearly forgot you decreed
and with cancer you planted the seed.
Did the piece of my arm
they removed to save harm
give Celestial pleasure indeed.

Thank heaven(?) for my fellow man
who has helped to preserve what I am.
For your every sick deed
to make my pain your creed.
was defeated in no way ‘you’ can.

So really as ‘Master of All’,
I’m complaining that you make the call
to treat all Mankind
in a way that’s not kind
with the things that on us you befall.

I would ask that you soon mend your ways
and listen as everyone prays
for a chance in this life
to be free of strife
and let all of us all see better days.

Ivor G Davies

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