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All is True

Once more I feel the urge to write
descend on me at dead of night,
enveloped in it's mystic power
it's presence deepened by the hour.

Like demons tearing at dark's veil
a rift appearing to prevail,
for thoughts to transcend from their source
to find a way take their course.

I am but medium to unfold
the wonders that through me are told,
as once again I'm drawn to task
to place in ink all that they ask.

When you perceive the written word
that only through this flaw occurred,
look deep for meanings so profound
that just in words they are not found.

There is no death, no heaven, no hell,
there is no light or night's dark spell.
There's only just a fleeting time
where all is true, and truth is mine.

Ivor G Davies

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